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In Harper we believe that an education on how to live a healthy lifestyle is fundamental to improve our wellbeing. It is not a matter of eliminating foods or following a strict diet, it is the way Harper gives you the power to choose a healthier way of living for your body. Come and join us in selecting nourishing and delicious food, to understand that we can take care of ourselves and be urban adventurers without limits.

A specialized nutritionist is part of our team, to give you information, advice, personalized nutritional tips so you can be an expert on the fit world. Write an email to nutricion@harperjuice.com and follow our stories on Instagram to learn more.

How do you sweeten your juices?

We do not add any sweeteners to our juices! We believe that the sugar (fructose) content in fruit is sufficient to give our juices a natural and unique flavor.

Are there fattening fruits?

Fruits provide between 30-80kcal every 100grs. In addition, because of their high fiber content, fruits have a low glycemic index which causes their energy to be absorbed slowly, avoiding any transformation to fat. And don’t forget about all vitamins and minerals fruits provide!

How many calories are in a juice?

Our juices contain between 180-290 calories depending on which fruits/vegetables are added. Juices that contain avocado generally have more calories, healthy fats, and potassium, and these are ideal juices to start your day feeling full!

Why choose protein shakes?

When you exercise intensely, it is ideal to consume 20-30grs of protein immediately after for proper muscular recovery. Our protein shakes provide the amount of protein necessary for this, complemented with other fundamental nutrients such as potassium or calcium. Moreover, as oppose to other protein sources such as meat or eggs, Pulver proteins take only 20 minutes to reach our muscles. To enhance your results, we recommend you to drink our protein shakes within 1 hour after finishing exercise!

What is a superfood? Which ones I can find at Harper?

A superfood is a food that is rich in components such as antioxidants, omega 3, minerals, etc. that are considered beneficial to a person’s health. In Harper you can find them in all our juices and shakes, and you can personalize your drink with additional items!

Which are matcha´s benefits?

Matcha is the whole leaf of green tea that is grinded down to obtain a powder that densely concentrates its nutritional benefits, obtaining 10 more times antioxidants.
  • - Serves as a strong altialkaline and supports detox.
  • - Increases memory and prevents cognitive impairment.
  • - Accelerates metabolism and contributes to calorie burh.
  • - Prevents numerous diseases, including cancer.

If i am vegan, which products can I find in Harper store?

All our fruit juices can be part of a vegan diet. In addition, we offer almond and coconut milk to our specialty coffee, smoothies and protein shakes. You can also find vegan muffins, salads and burgers.

What is the difference between toasted and roasted coffee?

Toasted coffee is harvested coffee. The process can be done with or without sugar added. Roasted coffee is the one obtained when sugar is added during toasting, a practice which is performed to hide features of a low quality coffee. Roasted coffee it is not recommended for diabetics and it is considered damaging for gastric mucose. Don’t worry! Harper offers TOASTED ORGANIC coffee WITHOUT ANY SUGAR ADDED.

What is the difference between cow milk and almond milk?

Cow milk (non fat) has 120mg of calcium, 8mg cholesterol, 3grs of protein, 1.5grs of saturated fats and 45kcal every 100ml. Taking into account the same amount, almond milk contains 197mg of calcium, 0mg cholesterol, 0.5grs of protein, 1.2grs of healthy fat and 30kcal.